New MIZU x Coloradical Collaboration

Posted on June 08, 2014 by Adam Sikorski

We are proud to announce our newest addition to our line of accessories, the MIZU x Coloradical Stainless Steel Water Bottle. And frankly, this water bottle is awesome. It's health conscious, eco conscious, and long term friendly on the wallet.

Unlike many other plastic and aluminum water bottle brands who claim to be BPA free, MIZU is 100% food grade stainless steel, and only that. Even if those other guys are BPA free, who knows what else might be in there. With stainless steel, no chemicals can migrate to your beverage, not the case with plastic and aluminum. It's easy to sanitize and corrosion resistant.

Every year 50 billion plastic beverage containers are produced worldwide and only 1 in 10 of these is ever recycled. The rest of these bottles are polluting our oceans and piling up our landfills. Not cool. These plastics are working their way into our own food chain, especially the ocean, and doing god knows what to our bodies. Disposable plastic water bottles are not a lasting plan for the world's water needs, and it's a program that should be avoided as best as possible by each and every one of us. Each year, North America recycles more steel than all plastics combined, and an average of 25% of the steel in every Mizu bottle used to be something else, like a refrigerator or a Samurai sword

The other cool thing about water bottle usage is that it makes your water practically free.Tap water costs about $.0015/gallon, whereas bottled water costs $10.00/gallon. That's more than double the cost of gasoline. Bottom line, bottled water is for suckers and 40% of it comes from taps anyway. The average US consumer uses 234 water bottles per year costing on average $346 in total. That's money that could be spent on cool stuff and good times. This bottle costs $22 and comes with a lifetime warrantee from MIZU.

So untwist a top and reach for the sink, with the tap water connoisseur's bottle of choice, the MIZU x Coloradical 27 oz. stainless steel water bottle.