One Year on the Fax!

Posted on October 06, 2014 by Adam Sikorski


One year ago we opened our doors to our new headquarters and the first ever Coloradical retail location at 3109 E. Colfax Avenue in Denver. It took about six months and a lot of long work days to rehab the place and transform it to a location where we'd be proud to display our designs. It all seemed a bit crazy at the time, and there was definitely a risk in taking this big step forward. But, I have to say the last year has wildly exceeded our expectations and really just been an awesome time. Operating out of this new spot has allowed us to be face to face with our supporters and exposed our mission to an entire new set of individuals who didn't know about Coloradical before. We've found a neighborhood of people glad to see us call this home, and after a year I think we feel about settled in. There's work to be done, as there always will be, but I'm just really happy how far this has all come and look on to the future with wide eyes.

So, in celebration of one year on Colfax we will be offering 20% off of everything in the store all day this Saturday and having a bit of a party from 6-10. And, you're invited. There will be some super limited edition releases (Like stuff I hand printed myself in my own garage that there will only ever be six of), foosball, new hoodies, new hats, and the release of some new shirt designs. Oh, and free beer too. 

I hope you can make it down. I can't say thank you enough for all of your support and being a part of this.