Custom Denim Jacket #1

Posted on March 09, 2015 by Adam Sikorski

So, check it out. I had these custom USA made jackets put together with our new Banner Mountain logo printed on the back, some of our patches, and some pretty special custom detailing as well. I'm really into this acid wash one, and even kind of hoping it doesn't sell so I can adopt it myself. I'm a big fan of jean jackets and vests, patches, 80's looks and all of that. This one comes with a vintage coors can lapel pin and our new skyline pin as well, plus our official camper and arrowhead patches. Additionally I had some vintage woven fabric trim put on the back and the one cuff. I've never seen this done before, but I think it works really well. Plus I actually acquired this particular trim from my former crafty roommate Taylor, she was moving out and having a yard sale, so I swooped it. Good history to this jacket. Then I did the hand done lettering on the inside as a final touch, it made me feel like I was in 8th grade again. There is only one of these and we'll never release one of these that is the exact same again. Hope you like it.