What is Seekers of the Sunrise?

Posted on August 04, 2021 by Adam Sikorski

It’s the decentralized psychedelic nature club for you, and me, and everyone in-between.

It’s for those of us who wake up early, it’s for those of us who stay up late, it’s for those of us looking forward to a new tomorrow.

Seekers believe that every nearing dawn is an opportunity. To learn, to create, to better your situation, to be a stronger person and explore the many mysteries of nature.

Seekers believe that regular excursions into nature are a necessary life recharge. An essential escape from the maze of modern life in a digital age. A vital return to natural beauty, where genuine contentment can occur.

Seekers know the mind and consciousness are the greatest mysteries of all. In the search for meaning and something more than ourselves, we must look within, to find the deepest connection to the universe and all that is.

And thus perhaps! Conducting explorations of the mind, in nature, amongst good company of course, can provide the clarity and intellectual stimulation necessary to reach our highest potential existence. Returning to society anew, ready to once again live a life of curiosity and good health, and make the most of our time in these earthly bodies.

Are there formal club meetings? No.

Is there a membership process? Not at all.

How do you join? If you’re asking, you already have.

Can you make your own meetings with your friends at your local woods, canyon, desert, beach or mountaintop? That is the idea!

Seekers of the Sunrise is meant to inspire adventures, creative endeavors, interesting experiences and weird times where likened minds congregate.

Where this goes and how we get there is hard to say. But with wild eyes set upon the horizon, we celebrate the coming of the new day.